The history of our family

The history of our family born in the late 1800s, when the great-grandfather Carlo Grimaldi cultivated vines and made wine in Cossano Belbo.
It was the misadventures due to the advent of two world wars to interrupt the activities of winemaking by their children, but not the cultivation of the vines that went on in spite of difficulties.
It is this passion for vine-culture that brought grandfather Ilario to move with his family, in the neighboring town of Santo Stefano Belbo, where our company still is, to search for the most suitable soil quality and thus maintain its family tradition.
It was then in 1989 that Sergio, and his wife Angela, with the help of parents Ilario and Vittorina resumed making wine with the very first bottles of Moscato d’Asti calling them the nickname that identified our home Ca’du Sindic (Mayor’s House).
Today, the entrance of Paolo and Ilaria in the vineyard and in the cellar, as well as in the promotion and presentation of wines, is a clear desire for continuation of our philosophy and values.
First of all, the maintenance of a strong and respectful relationship with the territory, allowing us to reconcile and which best represents the character and that expressivity that make our land unique.



Paolo and Ilaria